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Why Upgrade to Xenon Lights?

300% boost in light output. Longer range on the road will give you more reaction time, increasing safety.

More distance and road coverage which helps you see clearly giving you more reaction time for the unexpected.

10x longer life. HIDs might cost more than halogen, however they are most cost effective in the long run.

Increased visibility in adverse weather conditions.

Similar to daylight. Xenon offers more light than conventional bulbs and give out the light closest to daylight, which creates comfortable driving environment for the driver.

Luxurious Look. Enhances the appearance of your headlights.

Our kits are engineered with the latest technology featuring built in ASIC German manufacturer Chip.

We offer built in LED light in ballast plug, indicating if a ballast or bulb fails and polarity protection.

JAEDAR HID Kits are water proof, shock proof, vibration proof and weather proof.

We offer lifetime warranty on all of our HID Kits. Never worry about purchasing another kit down the road.

Our Premium model features a start up time of under 1 second and the CANBUS model features built in anti-flicker error free chip required on Dodge, Mercedes, Audi, etc vehicles.

We offer the best customer service. Please contact us and find out!

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