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HID Xenon Bulbs
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HID Xenon Bulbs
Price: $19.95

Xenon HID bulbs illuminate as far as 300% more powerful than regular halogen bulbs. Based on the luminosity (lm), the specific color temperature of a HID bulb is represented by the Kelvin color temperature. Ranging from 3000K all the way to 30000K and custom color bulbs such as PINK the brightness of an HID bulb reduces as the color temperature increases. Brightness with HID bulbs is defined as the longest range the light can travel. For instance 4300K can travel a much longer distance than 8000K or 10000K bulbs. However, 8000K or 10000K bulbs are more intense than 4300K.

For the Driver: From the driver’s perspective, a 5000K bulb is more visible than a 12000K as it travels further down the road.
Oncoming Traffic: From an oncoming traffic’s perspective, a 12000K appears to be brighter than 5000K as the intensity level on 12000K is much higher.

The higher the color temperature, the less the lumens or brightness the bulb is:
4300K has an output of 3100lm
5000K has an output of 3000lm
6000K has an output of 2900lm
8000K has an output of 2500lm
10000K has an output of 2300lm
12000K has an output of 2000lm

Higher temperatures are ideal for fog lights and show cars.

The average lifespan of an HID bulb is approximately 3000hrs. It is recommend to purchase a spare bulb or HID ballast should a defect in the product or during installation occur.

Color Options
  • 3000K (Golden Yellow)
  • 4300K (OEM White)
  • 5000K (OEM Pure White)
  • 6000K (Diamond White)
  • 8000K (Iceburg Blue)
  • 10000K (Brilliant Blue)
  • 12000K (Deep/Violet Blue)
  • 15000K (Violet/Purple/Blue)
  • 30000K (Deep/Violet/Purple/Blue)