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Price: $119.95
Our JAEDAR CANBUS HID KIT solves issues from random shutoffs, flickering lights, lamp out and dash warnings. The CANBUS Kit is designed specifically for vehicles with a CANBUS computer onboard. Some vehicles such as Dodge, Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW (some models), Mitsubishi etc require a CANBUS kit to function properly. Standard HID Kits won’t function seamlessly without additional adaptersor wiring. With the CANBUS Kit, you get a 2-in-1 solution. With a built-in error code canceller, installing the CANBUS kit is as easy as plug and play.

Halogen headlights use 55W of power and HIDs use only 35W of power. Onboard vehicle computer’s assume that the headlight is burnt and send signals every few seconds, which cause regular HIDs to flickering or strobe. The CANBUS ballasts bypass this signal making the HIDs ignite fully when turned on.

This kit is fully plug and play and no extra wiring is required. 
Quick response time
ASIC German Chip Technology
Very low failure rate
Built-in LED working light
100% waterproof, shock proof, and weather proof
Reverse polarity protection
Built-in CANBUS filter
Built-in Error Decoder
Halogen vs HID

300% boost in light output: It will make your headlight shoot further ahead of the road giving you much more reaction time, which means increase in safety

More distance and road coverage which equals to more reaction time and more reaction time means the difference between life and death.

10x longer life: HIDs might cost more than the halogen, however they are most cost effective in the long run.

Increased visibility in adverse weather greatly
Similar to daylight. Xenon offers more light than conventional bulbs and give out the light closest to the daylight, which will create comfortable driving environment for the driver hence increase driving safely

Luxurious Look: Not only the hid increase the light output, it also enhances the appearance of your headlight
Color Options
  • 3000K (Golden Yellow)
  • 4300K (OEM White)
  • 5000K (OEM Pure White)
  • 6000K (Diamond White)
  • 8000K (Iceburg Blue)
  • 10000K (Brilliant Blue)
  • 12000K (Deep/Violet Blue)
  • 15000K (Violet/Purple/Blue)
  • 30000K (Deep/Violet/Purple/Blue)
Whats included in our package?
2 Xenon HID Bulbs

Our HID bulbs are excessively weather proof, vibration proof and rigorously tested for quality. With over 3000hrs of life span, an easy plug-and-play connection, our HID bulbs are designed to replace your halogen bulbs.
2 CANBUS Ballasts

Low power consumption, compare factory consumption of 55w to our ballast at 35w. Vibration tested, CPU regulation, auto shut off feature during over load and built-in igniters that dont require battery power.
Mounting Hardware

Install our plug-and-play HID kits within minutes, our mounting hardware facilitate and give off to a professional finish. Standard sized ballasts come with bracket and screws, slim ballasts have zip ties and optional screws.
Illustrated Installation Instructions

Lets face it, reading line by line gets frustrating, our pictorial manual guides you through your installation.
Professional HID Packaging
1 Year Warranty

Peace of mind protection! We will cover all parts of your HID kit for one year from the date of purchase. Ballasts stop working? incorrect installation? Send over the defective item and we will ship out a new part via express shipping.